Before emailing please refer to the following answers to commonly asked questions:

How do I make an appointment with Dr. Kharrazian?

Due to increased new patient demands, Dr. Kharrazian is pausing the application process until late 2022 at the earliest.

To learn more, please visit his Clinic page.

Dr. Kharrazian’s in-depth clinical approach and his responsibilities as a researcher, professor, and author limits his availability to a handful of new patients each month.

Can I consult remotely with Dr. Kharrazian?

To start with Dr. Kharrazian as a new patient and develop a treatment plan, you must come to the clinic in California for the intake exam. After that time, you may consult with him remotely.

Before the exam there is a short case review consult which can be done remotely or in person, however no treatment recommendations are made at the case review. For more information, visit his Clinic page.

NOTE: At this time, no case review consults are being offered.

Where can I find a practitioner?

You will find practitioners referrals HERE.

What should I eat?

If you are asking about what diet to follow please refer to

Check out the online courses and books created by Dr. Kharrazian on this website.

Read the books! We get many, many questions that can be answered by reading his books. In addition to his thyroid book, Dr. Kharrazian’s brain book, Why Isn’t My Brain Working?, also answers many questions about autoimmunity and brain health.

General Inquiries

Before emailing please refer to the answers to commonly asked questions in the list above.