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Gluten and the Brain: Webinar 4-15-2021

Gluten is more of a brain issue than a gut issue

Do you suffer from fatigue, brain fog, depression, cognitive issues, mood or psychiatric issues, or memory loss? A gluten sensitivity manifests neurologically in 2/3 of people — most people do not have gut symptoms in response to gluten. Researchers call gluten sensitivity a neurological disease. However, gluten sensitivity is significantly under diagnosed due to incomplete testing that only tests for alpha gliadin, missing the majority of gluten sensitive diagnoses according to research. As a result, countless people’s brain-based symptoms and disorders go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed due to a gluten sensitivity that has not been identified. If you have brain fog, cognitive, mood, psychiatric, or fatigue issues, watch this video to find out whether you should consider a gluten sensitivity. (Zoom Webinar 04-15-2021)