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Facebook Live on February April 1, 2021

Is autoimmunity curable?

It’s vital to understand the difference between “cure” and “remission” when it comes to autoimmunity. This will allow you to have realistic expectations, set goals in managing your autoimmunity, and know how to find qualified practitioners who can help you. It is well established in the scientific literature that autoimmunity is incurable, however it is possible for most people to put their autoimmunity into remission. Understanding the difference can help you navigate the flares and setbacks that can occur. In this talk Dr. Kharrazian explains the immunological foundations of autoimmunity, remission, relapses, and everyday management — with the goal of educating you so you are not vulnerable to the large degree of misinformation and misunderstanding surrounding autoimmunity. (Facebook Live 04-01-2021)