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Facebook Live Video on September 17, 2020

Learn which part of your brain needs help and what to do about it

Possibly the most informative one-hour talk on how to address brain problems anywhere on the internet. Are you troubled by poor brain function but don’t know what to do about it? The key is to identify which area of your brain is under functioning and then knowing how to boost it. In this jam-packed talk and Q&A, Dr. Kharrazian goes over the major areas of the brain, symptoms that indicate compromised function, and how to improve brain performance in those areas. Brain health isn’t about a magic supplement but instead about appropriately exercising your neuronal pathways back to health. You can also learn more in Dr. Kharrazian’s book Why Isn’t My Brain Working? and in his course Save Your Brain (drknews.com). (Facebook-Live-09-17-2020)