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The top 10 triggers of autoimmunity: Webinar 5-13-2021

Top 10 Triggers of Autoimmunity

Many people think their autoimmune management depends on diet. While diet plays a foundational role, it does not go the full distance for everyone. The autoimmune journey involves finding your underlying mechanisms and triggers. They are different for everyone…and they are not always obvious. First, you have to know what the potential triggers are. Research has identified quite a few. Then you have to know how to find them. This can take some trial and error, testing, or patient observation. For instance, one person may start to notice she flares up after sitting in traffic and inhaling exhaust because it turns out she has a benzene sensitivity. Another may notice her symptoms worsen after dealing with an abusive boss. Identifying and addressing your mechanisms for autoimmunity will give you the best chance for keeping your autoimmunity in remission. This takes self-education — you can’t rely on someone else to figure it out for you. Learn more in this talk and viewer Q&A. (Zoom 5-13-2021)