Save Your Brain: The Six-Week Rescue Plan
Do you suffer from brain fog, loss of focus, loss of memory, or depression? Do you fatigue easily from reading, driving, or working?

These could be signs you have poor brain health. Brain degeneration is a serious problem that goes largely unaddressed until it’s in the end stages and too late to rescue.

One of the first things we see that indicates brain degeneration is fatigue due to reading, driving, working, deep conversation with friends, or other activities that require you to use your brain.

Typically, brain degeneration is not caused by a single nutrient deficiency or corrected by taking an isolated supplement. Instead, you have to identify what part of your brain is degenerating.

Health care practitioners are not trained to identify early signs of brain degeneration. Patients are on their own when it comes to brain health and it’s up to you to learn what to do.

In Save Your Brain: The Six-Week Rescue Plan, I take you through the same steps I take my patients through. I show you how to identify symptoms of brain degeneration, how to change those symptoms, and then how to monitor your brain health.