One-To-One With Dr. Kharrazian

Save Your Brain – The Six-Week Rescue Plan

One-to-one with Dr. Datis Kharrazian

Five Things They Never Told You About Depression

I have created a six-week video course to take you through the same steps I take my patients through to begin repairing brain health and function.

This is the first video course in my One to One with Dr. Kharrazian series. I created this in response to readers who read the books but feel overwhelmed as to where to begin.

The course is called Save Your Brain: The Six-Week Rescue Plan. We are finalizing the videos and accompanying workbooks.

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  1. Just finished listening to Dr K in an interview w/Donna Gates through the Heal Your Gut Summit on January 24,2016 regarding SIBO. After a very interesting and informative interview Dr K talks about his six week “Save Your Brain” rescue plan and by visiting his site you can sign up if interested. I did visit to sign up but it states course is closed. Doesn’t seem likely he would offer this program today but not have it available. Am I on the wrong site?

    • Donna;

      The next One to One Save Your Brain course is starting in April. Our newsletter announcement will be going out soon! The website will also be updated to reflect the new information. Thanks for pointing that out!

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