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You’ll learn the immune breakdowns that lead to food sensitivities, and the diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations to rebalance your immune system so you can enjoy more foods.

Food Sensitivity Solutions

11 Steps for Restoring Oral Tolerance So You Can Eat More Foods

 Introduction to Food Sensitivities Some people who have removed all suspect foods on an elimination diet continue to see their food sensitivities grow. This is due to loss of oral tolerance — when the body loses the ability to respond appropriately to foods.
 What Causes Food Sensitivities Healthy oral tolerance depends on more than an elimination diet. Multiple immune system factors work together to either support or break down oral tolerance.
 How to Restore Oral Tolerance Restoring oral tolerance can be achieved by addressing immune system imbalances via diet and nutritional therapy, supporting liver function, improving gut health, and more.
 Lab Testing for Oral Tolerance Food sensitivity testing can help considerably in your quest to restore oral tolerance, especially if you use the right testing and understand the results.
 Introduction to Hormones and Food Sensitivities If you follow the oral tolerance protocol and do everything right but still aren’t improving, an important avenue to investigate is hormone function. Hormonal imbalances promote inflammation and loss of oral tolerance.
 Stress Hormone Imbalances and Food Sensitivities Chronic stress is one of the most common causes of hormone imbalances. Explore the various factors that come into play and what to do about them.
 Blood Sugar Imbalances and Food Sensitivities The most common cause of a chronic stress response is a blood sugar imbalance; this increases loss of oral tolerance. Learn how to support blood sugar balance via key dietary and lifestyle habits.
 Thyroid Hormones and Food Sensitivities Every cell in the body uses thyroid hormone. If you suffer from thyroid hormone deficiency, many health problems may arise, including loss of intestinal integrity, immune function, and oral tolerance.
 Female Hormones and Food Sensitivities No matter the stage of life, hormone imbalances in women can lead to loss of oral tolerance. Balancing hormones is important for restoring and maintaining oral tolerance.
 Male Hormones and Food Sensitivities When it comes to male hormone imbalances that weaken oral tolerance, the biggest battle is inflammation. Reducing stress and controlling inflammation is key.
 Hormone Conclusion In our bodies, everything is intertwined with something else. To address the hormonal imbalances that underlie loss of oral tolerance is to delve into functional medicine.

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