Due to increased patient demands and limitations imposed by the pandemic, the clinic is not accepting new applications at this time.

Under normal circumstances, once an application is approved it can take between 1 and 3 years to get on the schedule. Please check this page periodically to find out when the application portal reopens.

The Kharrazian Institute Practitioner Locator is available to help patients locate licensed health care professionals with post-graduate training from the Kharrazian Institute.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a patient at the Kharrazian Clinic.

Dr. Kharrazian’s practice is limited to a very small number of patients. Please make sure you read and understand all the information below before deciding to submit your application.

It takes tremendous time and energy for any healthcare provider to manage a complicated case. Successful management of such cases requires appropriate testing, diagnosis, financial commitment, and realistic clinical expectations. The patients who typically do well working with Dr. Kharrazian are highly motivated and dedicated to evaluating their case with great depth. 

New in 2021: Due to limitations of Dr. Kharrazian’s schedule and a growing demand to train healthcare professionals, he can only work with new patients who are willing to share their case as an academic clinical case study for the Kharrazian Institute.

The Kharrazian Institute was developed as an educational institute focused on teaching clinical practice models to healthcare professionals who are interested in a nutrition, dietary, and lifestyle approach to help improve the lives of patients suffering from chronic conditions.

All of Dr. Kharrazian’s new patient cases will be used to educate healthcare professionals at the Kharrazian Institute. During case management, the physical examination, history, and past medical records will be formatted into an educational document (all personal information redacted for privacy). Please note: The physical examination will also be videotaped for the academic case study, and the patient’s face will be visible. The case study information is posted on the members-only course website and is available on an ongoing basis.

Dr. Kharrazian has a private practice near San Diego, California and sees patients regularly. To become a patient under Dr. Kharrazian’s care, you must undertake the two-step process outlined below.


Dr. Kharrazian has a limited clinical practice and is under high demand domestically and internationally. In response to the large number of patients requesting consultations, he developed the case review process to determine whether he is the right person to support your health care goals. This helps you avoid unnecessary travel time and expenses.

To be scheduled for a case review you must complete a comprehensive application. To begin, you will send your contact information via our online application portal. In response, we will send you two emails:

  1. An auto-generated email that contains information about the clinic (check spam if you don’t see it). The same information should also pop up immediately in a new web tab on your device.
  2. A personal email from Dr. Kharrazian’s assistant containing important instructions for completing the case review application. Typically this email is sent within three business days. Do not start filling out your application until you have received this second email.

For the case review, you will submit several health questionnaire forms, a detailed medical history, and your recent laboratory results. Once you submit the completed application, our clinic staff will review the materials and let you know if additions are required. Once your application is approved we contact you to schedule the case review consult.

In preparation for the case review, Dr. Kharrazian will review this information in detail and prepare comprehensive notes.

The case review consult is a 30-minute appointment that can be done by phone, video teleconference, or in-person at our office.

The case review serves several purposes:

    • It allows Dr. Kharrazian to interpret your health history and lab results to provide his expert opinion on his first impressions about your case.
    • It gives you an opportunity to meet him and ask questions about becoming his patient.
    • It determines whether he is your best choice as a healthcare provider.
    • It gives you a clearer sense of the costs involved in managing your case.

The case review consult is a stand-alone visit—nothing more is required. The consult is not a guarantee of becoming a patient at the clinic; during the consult, you and Dr. Kharrazian will discuss your case and decide if he is your best choice as a healthcare provider. If so, the next step is to schedule a new patient exam. If not, he may suggest a referral to another health care provider who may be more appropriate for your needs.

Treatment recommendations are not discussed at the case review consult. Only after having done the comprehensive in-person exam at the clinic is Dr. Kharrazian able to create your customized treatment protocols. The exam is a very detailed diagnostic process which can reveal much about your case that informs the protocols he designs for you.

Due to the extremely time-demanding process of reviewing a patient’s extensive application materials, and preparing for and conducting the case review, the flat fee is $750.


After the case review consult, to become his patient Dr. Kharrazian requires that you come to the clinic near San Diego for an in-person exam. The exam is the point at which the formal practitioner-patient relationship begins. Before this time, no treatment protocols are discussed.

The new patient exam is a comprehensive evaluation that requires 3 to 4 hours of your time in the clinic. Dr. Kharrazian will also spend approximately 6 to 10 hours before and after the appointment to develop a treatment plan, after he has reviewed your health history, past labs, exam findings, and any new lab tests. The exam has a flat fee of $3,000.

After your exam, he may refer you to local labs or medical offices for necessary laboratory tests the following day. For domestic patients, many tests can be done once you return home. We ask international patients to schedule in a few extra days in the area to take advantage of specialty lab tests that are more accessible in the US.

Followup appointments with Dr. Kharrazian are scheduled for in-office, phone, or video teleconference, depending on your location and needs. After the initial exam, a patient is not required to come back to the clinic for an appointment, but those who are local or wish to travel back to the clinic do have that option on a limited basis.

Followup consulting fees are: 30 minutes at a cost of $250, 45 minutes at $375, and 60 minutes at $500. Most patients typically need two to six followup appointments in the first year.

Lab tests could run between $1,000 to $3,000 during the course of the first year.

Nutritional supplement costs could run between $1,000 to $3,000 during the course of the first year. The clinic does not sell supplements, but Dr. Kharrazian will make recommendations for where you can find them.

The overall costs for the first year of his care usually run between $5,000 to $10,000. The next year is much less expensive since less effort is required to evaluate your progress. Case management and costs are different for each patient depending on their unique needs.


The clinic does not take any form of health insurance, and does not provide special letters, insurance codes, or special invoices or receipts for insurance purposes.

To initiate the case review process with Dr. Kharrazian, please select the red button below. REMEMBER: Do not start filling out your application until you have received the second response email from our office. It contains important instructions.

The Kharrazian Institute Practitioner Locator is available to help patients locate licensed health care professionals with post-graduate training from the Kharrazian Institute.