Dr. Kharrazian has a private practice in San Diego, California and sees patients regularly.

The process of becoming a new patient involves two steps:

  1. Send your contact information in the form below. Due to high demand for new patient requests, please allow 1–2 weeks to respond to your request.
  2. Once we receive your contact information, we will send you information about the office and the process of conducting a case review. The case review is the second step of the becoming a new patient.
    For the case review, we will ask you to provide us with a detailed medical history, fill out several health questionnaire forms, and send us your recent laboratory and medical test results. Dr. Kharrazian will review this information and follow up with a 30-minute phone call, in-person office meeting, or online conference meeting to discuss your case.

During the case review process, Dr. Kharrazian will provide his expert opinion on his first impressions about your case, a realistic prognosis, and a clear understanding of the costs involved in managing your case.

After the case review process, you can then decide if you would like to schedule a new patient appointment with Dr. Kharrazian. Dr. Kharrazian may also suggest a referral to another health care or medical provider who may be more appropriate for your medical needs.

Dr. Kharrazian developed this case review process in response to a large number of international and national patients flying into San Diego for consultations. The case review process avoids unnecessary travel expenses and determines whether Dr. Kharrazian is the right person to support your health care goals.

Due to the extremely time-demanding process of conducting a case review, the fee is $500. We will only charge the fee after we receive all of your paperwork and you are scheduled for an appointment with Dr. Kharrazian.

Once you complete the case review process, Dr. Kharrazian requires an in-person exam for you to become a new patient. During your in-person visit to San Diego, he also may refer you to local labs or medical offices for laboratory or medical tests. Follow-up appointments can be conducted by phone or online video conferencing after the initial exam.

To initiate the new patient and case review process with Dr. Kharrazian, please select the button below and we will send you the appropriate paperwork.