Dr. Kharrazian developed a comprehensive evidence-based model to treat autoimmune, neurological, and unidentified chronic diseases based on his profound understanding of human anatomy, physiology and biochemistry, a unique ability to synthesize and explain complex concepts, and his extensive clinical experience. I highly recommend Dr. Kharrazian’s non-pharmaceutical personalized programs, based on diet, nutrition, and lifestyle medicine, to any healthcare provider who is interested in addressing the causes of illness and restoring patients’ health and optimal function.

CAM Curriculum Director,
Loma Linda University School of Medicine

Ionela Hubbard, MD, LAc

Dr. Kharrazian is in my estimation one of the most skilled Functional medicine practitioners in the country. Dr. Kharrazian has a unique ability to understand interrelationships in physiology and between systems in the body. His understanding of these interrelationships puts him in the top tier of Functional Medicine writers and educators in this country.

Faculty of the Institute for Functional Medicine

David Musnick, MD

Dr. Kharazian’s education has 100% changed my approach to caring for all patients. He clearly understands the broken health care system, and provides easy to follow explanations for pathophysiology. No one understands the leaky gut/leaky brain, immune tolerance, environmental toxicity, food sensitivity better than Dr. K.

Director, Medically Fit and Balanced

Claudia Marcelo, DO

Datis Kharrazian is a singular doctor, scientist, and teacher.  He has an unmatched capacity to synthesize enormous amounts of basic science and seamlessly integrate it into clinical medicine.  His courses and books were foundational to me as I was just starting out in functional medicine, and I continue to learn from him today.  To boot, he is a warm, decent, and compassionate human being.

Author, Brave New Medicine

Cynthia Li, MD

Dr. Datis Kharrazian is a torch bearer for functional neurology and functional medicine. I’ve known Dr. Kharrazian for 15 years personally and professionally. His dedication and commitment to functional neurology and functional medicine, learning, research and altruistically educating practitioners around the world is unparalleled. The information he disseminates is applicable the very next day in clinical practice. Whether it’s your first day putting your foot in the world of functional neurology/functional medicine or you are a seasoned clinician, you will always leave with clinical pearls to serve your patients the very next day. Dr. Kharrazian is a true pioneer!

Director of Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center

Chris Turnpaugh, DC

Watching, listening and learning from Dr. Datis Kharrazian is one of the great gifts you can award yourself – for if health generation is your goal, then knowledge development is always part of that journey. I have had the pleasure of knowing and learning from Dr. Kharrazian for many years and consider his articulate weaving of the interconnectedness of the primary systems of function and dysfunction, exemplary, engaging and action orientated. He provides a perfect combination of detail for the inquisitive clinician and an essential roadmap for the person seeking to attain optimal wellbeing.

Managing Director and Head of Research Development, Nutri-Link
Founder, Clinical Education

Michael Ash, DO, ND, BSc, RNT

Dr. Kharrazian is a wonderfully kind person. He is also a master clinician who brings the depth of his clinical insight and knowledge to help patients. Additionally, he is a superb educator who can communicate his remarkable grasp of the medical literature while sharing his own clinically impactful research contributions.

Director, Reversal of Chronic Diseases Symposium

Shalesh Kaushal, MD, PhD

I have learned from Dr Kharrazian for years and have admired his determined ability to research and correlate information into relatively easy clinical applications for the big picture. He takes you from details to the big picture in a stirring way that yields confidence and direction as a practitioner. One of the things I admire the most about Dr Kharrazian is his level of integrity and his open willingness to share. I have never seen him do anything but choose the best for the educational benefit of any practitioner and patient. Integrity is the only option for Dr Kharrazian. My practice has made huge growth and changes over time due to the educational gains I have learned and been able to apply for the benefit of the patient. This has allowed me to see difficult cases getting no results elsewhere. Additionally, my patients sense and feel my clarity to the extent they are very compliant to all instructions I give them. They see the difference in the applications.

Chiropractic Neurologist

F. Blake Ambridge, DC, DACNB, FACFN

Dr. Datis Kharrazian is one of the most brilliant people I have met. He pursues education at the most prestigious universities and uses the knowledge acquired there to improve the lives of his patients, including those with autoimmune diseases, brain issues, hormonal problems such as thyroid disorders, and many others. Dr. Kharrazian is not only able to get to the root of the problem and help heal the patient, but he does so with compassion. A truly unique person!

Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine
Advances in Mind-Body Medicine

Andrew W. Campbell, MD

I had the pleasure of meeting Datis Kharrazian in the early 2000’s. At this time in my practice I already was board certified in clinical nutrition and board eligible as a chiropractic neurologist. I have been practicing for 38 years and may I say currently the greatest influence in my current format of patient care comes from the mentorship of Datis Kharrazian. Implimentation is the key to successful patient management and Datis always supplies that immediate available algorithm. It is rare to find a format that addresses the neuro endocine immune axis so completely. My frustration in my neurology training was finally validated when I met Datis, and continues to grow as I follow my friend Datis. We all should strive to continue to learn and Datis continues to be a beacon of excellence in his career. Thank you Dr Kharrazian for all you do.

Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist

Richard Herbold, DC